Tuesday, May 18, 2010

going to the zoo zoo zoo

how about you you you. you can come too too too. we're going to the zoo zoo zoo.

Nothing like a little raffi to start out the day!

FAMILY FUN DAY at the Como Zoo!!

Meet at church at 9:15 this Saturday (the 22nd) to catch the bus

Please bring a picnic lunch.

The bus will return back at church around 2 pm.

Invite your friends and neighbors!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

prayer stations

National Day of Prayer was a great success! Thanks to all who helped put it on. Here are some pictures of the prayer stations that were set up around the sanctuary. Aren't they beautiful?

The prayer stations will be set up until Thursday, so if you have an opportunity, I encourage you to go in and pray. If not, Larry Trester has created little prayer books with a picture of each station and instructions so you can be praying at home. They will be available this Sunday.

And don't forget to sign up on the SLP map for small groups starting soon!