Thursday, January 1, 2009

Josh in Japan

The following is a letter I received after Josh Singleton returned from his trip to Japan. If you recall, he grew up at Park Free and we prayed for him while he was serving. I thought you might enjoy the update. -k

As most of you know I went on a Jesus Film Distribution missions trip to Japan in early December. This trip was an amazing experience for me, as well as very fruitful. I was a part of a team of 12 people from all over the States and one from England. The youngest member of our team was 6 months old (was our team leader's kid) and the oldest being in their 60's.
Our primary goal for the trip was to distribute Christmas CDs. We did this just outside the Tachikawa train station. We all wore Christmas hats and handed the CD to people coming and going from the station. In the course of 6 days we passed out over 16,500 CDs, which is a huge number for the time we had. God really work though us there allowing us to hand out so many CDs. We also partnered with the local church to hand out fliers for an elementary school Christmas party. Three members of our group attended and helped with the actual party. One other thing we did was attend a Campus Crusade meeting at one of the local universities. I had a great time there and also got to talk with the current STINT team now serving there. This really helped me fully realize that this is where God is calling me to right now. I am now applying to go on a STINT (a year long missions trip).
We didn't have much time to see the sites or take in the culture but we did manage to find a little bit of free time. The first thing we did was we got to visit a Buddhist temple. When inside we watched people come and go to offer prayers. They could either get this paper that had a prayer on it or just toss money into a big metal grate which was raised off the ground. This reminded me of a wishing well and they did not know our God. We were able to do was visit a Japanese bath house. This was a big culture shock at first. But in the end was well worth the visit.
I would just like to thank you all so much for your prayers and would like to ask for your continued prayers as I am in the process of applying to go on STINT.

Thank you,

Josh Singleton

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  1. Hi, I am learning Japanese and have been called to Japan, to make it short and sweet. :) Could you put me in touch with Josh? I have been looking for Christmas CDs in Japanese for forever.